Courses and eBooks TO Support YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY 

The backbone of Lair’s work is mindfulness. The latest research shows that the practice of mindfulness can:

  • Improve focus

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Lessen emotional reactivity

  • Improve relationship satisfaction and cognitive flexibility

  • Enhance intuition and fear modulation

  • Increase empathy and compassion

There is no quick fix-no magic bullet. If you want to improve your relationship with yourself, your partner, your job or that thing you want to manifest into your life, these tools can help you change the limiting beliefs and thought patterns that keep you from the life you want.

The five guideposts to connection: an online course for couples

Should your relationship be this difficult? Yes, but probably not for the reasons you are experiencing. A healthy relationship asks us to show up for our partner, to go from a me-centered way of thinking to a we-centered way of thinking, to communicate from the heart and to take responsibility for what we say and do.

Unfortunately, no one teaches a class on on how to create a healthy relationship in highschool or college. The 5 Guideposts to Connection is that class. Included in Lair's 7 week course, couples will get 5 weeks of videos outlining the Five Guideposts and 7 weeks of supplemental practical exercises in the form of an eBook. This is arguably the most comprehensive online couples course available today. 

The Five Guideposts to Connection: An Online Course for Couples